What is Photography?

Photography is a visual art of human vision. A brief anatomy of vision begins with the necessity for light, color and texture. Light—colored or diffuse—and its source are what make photos photogenic, however subtle or complex they may be. Color is crucial, but so are secondary characteristics of light. In most of photography, light, color and texture are photographed in a specially constructed studio, which creates them by filtering different wavelengths of light, then dicing them up and distributing them around the screen of a camera. All of this interplay of light and color can also contribute to drama in photographs.

“What Is Photography?” by Robin Winters. Published in The New York Review of Books, June 5, 2009.

This is a great guide to photography, but some of the sections I found most helpful include these:

In addition to these basic photography articles, be sure to check out our photo galleries and search the Internet for additional resources.

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