social media and Photography

Photography and Social Media

Online presence has gotten an unquestionable requirement in the time of recent college grads. The distance between this present reality and the virtual one is covered with one tap.

What began as a mode of interfacing individuals has changed into a significant wellspring of income age for some organizations, specialists, supports, etc. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook are among the most broadly arrived at stages of Photography and Social Media.

Specialists for the most part utilize these stages to exhibit their work before a bigger crowd. With regards to road photography, web-based media is consistently a matter of contention.

On one side, online media is accepted to be a flight of stairs to distinction. Rest lean toward the disconnected world in accepting solid offers. Thus, we are here to investigate the function of online media in the field of road photography

What is Photography and Social Media all About?

An enormous level of organizations are either on the web or they wish to take their business online sometime very soon. Turning out to be Instagram popular is one kind of accomplishment. It would seem that an alternate route to notoriety and cash. Without a doubt, likes, perspectives, and offers matter in this day and age yet what amount is the issue.

Social Media and New Age Photography

Some time ago the set principles of photography were carefully followed, the information on this craftsmanship was conveyed by proficient picture takers to their colleagues firsthand. At the point when picture takers pointed either on entries or on getting more ventures, presently 50% of the world thinks about photography as one of their numerous interests.

The primary most prominent change throughout the entire existence of photography was when highly contrasting was gradually supplanted by hued photographs.

Second, when the predetermined number of photographs dependent on the reel was supplanted with computerized patterns. Dissimilar to when the shade was squeezed after a great deal of thought, photography came to on a point where capacity isn’t an issue any longer.

The third flood of progress started with online media. Before web-based media-dominated, picture takers mostly got their absolute best chances chose for books, magazines, craftsmanship displays, presentations, entries. Aside from ability, direct contacts used to issue the most.

The virtual world has set new principles for craftsmen. Before long, the best spot to be seen was Instagram and the most ideal approach to teach was by websites and video blogs. Yet, how evident is this recently discovered world?

Difference Between Photographers and Social Media Influencers

understanding the difference in between social media influencer and photographer.

While both are associated by the utilization of a camera, picture takers and influencers are not even firmly related regarding belief system and outlook.

A Photographer searches for the precise style to press the shade, while an influencer searches for what is or has the capability of turning into a pattern on Instagram and Youtube.

Picture takers follow the idea of innovation while influencers go for prevalence. Indeed, even a picture taker can wish to be well known yet not for anything duplicated. Picture takers’ way of thinking is totally different dependent on their regard for photography.

They know the set guidelines and strategies, yet don’t spare a moment in having a go at something new. To put it plainly, picture takers click for workmanship not with the idea of preferences via web-based media. It is mostly about the distinction in belief system and theory.

Highlight be noticed, the previously mentioned can’t be the situation with everybody. A picture taker can be a social influencer or the other way around.


Getting Noticed

With more than 2 billion members, Facebook is the toughest competitor of Google in the marketing industry. According to Forbes, more than 500 million users stay active on Instagram. Although it consists of all sorts of images and videos, it remains the greatest means of increasing followers for photographers.

That’s because out of the random pics of food, pets, places, families, friends, and all, the majority is of photographers from every genre who put up their best works on Instagram. We can say that photography and social media go hand in hand.

Becoming a part of social media is not enough but using it for one’s profit is a big deal. The sole motive of this process is to get noticed, to be liked, and to increase the following. Who likes to fill their hard drives and never share their work?

The Best Time To Learn

The great thing about social media is that it gives every member an equal opportunity to learn. Established photographers share their techniques, details about equipment, and nearly everything you need to strengthen your base of photography and to know more about the various styles. All these social mediums can prove to be more helpful for getting connected with those who inspire you, instead of blindly being grateful for all the likes.

An Easy Way Out

Social networks look like an easy way out. To set up an account, to get a high number of followers, and reach a level where you can become an influencer and earn profit by representing clients to your followers.

When scrolling through profiles of vloggers or insta influencers, you find millions of followers, thousands of likes on every photo, and video. The idea of one of your photographs going viral or being shortlisted by another page with large followers gives hope.


Social Media Is Complex For Artists

A food blogger, a fitness influencer, a travel Instagrammer, anyone posting videos of his/her pets, or someone taking business online uses photos, videos, and words as a medium to convey their message or to become popular. Now, these 3 ways: photographs, videos, and words are more than just a medium for some.

In simplest words, it is not necessary for a blogger to be a professional writer, a travel influencer to be a professional photographer and the same goes for cinematographers.

For example, everyone else sharing their shots online is a way to get more views and to be liked but for photographers, the purpose of posting their shots can be to get likes but these photographs are more than just shots; it is art.

Minimizing Creativity

Let’s keep all the great deals that social media can offer aside. The truth can’t be denied about the similar photos we come across every day. As soon as a particular photo goes viral, the style becomes ordinary instead of becoming great.

The thin line between getting inspiration from one’s work and copying is usually neglected on these social networks. Exact same photos start to pop up by those who just find it to be a great way to get thumbs up. Let’s say the drone footage of the same place from the same angel, just on a different day.

Social media is behind these copycat shots. It has adverse effects on the perception of the photographers and the real talent goes unnoticed. These viral photographs become a classic example that’s copied over and over.

Unwanted Demotivation

If it wasn’t for social networks, how many people would view your photographs? Is it really important for a piece of art to be appreciated for it to be great? Let’s not be unaware of the next part of the process, first, people see, second they comment. Both positive and negative are sure to come from it. Not letting the negatives stop or demotivate you is the key.

Next Step

One thing fewer people understand is that to make a stable career in any field it is important to improve over time. To have an in-depth perspective, one must have honest feedback from those who are more experienced in this field more. Having contacts with a bunch of photographers from the same field in actual life can be much more beneficial than having thousands of followers on Instagram who can’t help you in improving.

Personal Opinion

Sandeep, the founder of Indian Photog and My Indian Photo- India answers some of the common questions about photography and social media.

  1. How much is social media important for you as a street photographer?

Social media is something that I think is important for any artist, including a photographer, to reach out to the people interested in that genre. For me, as a photographer, social media plays an important role in representing my art to many similar genre individuals, share my ideas with them, and learn from theirs. Also, it has become something kind of inspiration when I look out to a photographer’s work and get inspired to move ahead in this journey.

  1. To what extend social media helps in establishing a career in photography?

Nowadays it helps a lot, when you are looking out for sponsorship, brand collaborations, the number of your reach matters a lot. People are doing good business through social media platforms and I think it has more future opportunities lying out for newer ideas.

  1. Is it necessary for a street photographer to be active on social media to be acknowledged? Why?
    It depends completely on the artist whether he/she wants to be active on social media. The online media has not completely vanished the traditional way to represent your work, so there are many individuals who don’t prefer/want to adopt the social media platforms, but I think if you use these platforms, in a positive way it helps a lot to reach out many people & for a bunch of new ideas.

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