How to Earn as a Photographer?

The best way to earn as a photographer is to take the right steps right from the beginning. Here are 10 best ways you can begin your journey into freelance photography.

1. Get a good understanding of what the different photography tools are You must be ready to dive into the camera tool of your choice to get your first exposure. A collection of our favorite questions and answers regarding the differences between a smart phone, film camera, and digital camera are included below: A smart phone may be a smart device, but is also usually a good way to make a first quick photo. Film cameras and digital cameras can be played with for your first shot. These can be a great way to get your feet wet with film photography as well. A little research into lenses will ensure you can utilize your camera tool of choice for the best photographic results. Wandering around Reddit will give you a wonderful map to familiarize yourself with what professional photographers use. As an emerging freelance photographer, you will be dealing with many clients and all of them will have different needs. Often times you can take this into consideration when choosing your camera tool. There will be situations in which you can use one set of lenses for a traditional photo session and another set of lenses for a personal portrait. Another invaluable resource for young photographers is my place at You can find a lot of great photography tips here. 2. Attend live photography events After you have taken some time to determine what tools you will be using for a particular piece of work, it is critical that you attend one or more of the many photo shows that take place across the country. Professional photographer and consultant Nick DiCarlo can help you decide on what shows will best fit your particular needs and schedule. Whether you are planning to attend a photo show to enhance your portfolio, attend to browse new cameras or equipment

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