Food photography for Beginners

The most effortful conclusion to make when you start chasing photography as a career. Photographers used to be specialized in one or two types of photography. However, the Field of photography is dynamic and varied. If you experiment with various types of photography it will expand your skillset and these technical creative skills help you to improve choose to go to one area and this makes you a better photographer.

Food photography is harder than it seems.

Food photography is a challenging decision for you because you have to construct your photo until you reached a perfect balance reality. In being, you might get frustrated. But once you reach technical proficiency, you will be going to enjoy this photography.

Food photography is like life photography, which helps to make food attractive. So a food photography job it’s really exciting. I am going to help with some tips, tricks, and food equipment which is necessary for your food photography.

Tips for taking fabulous photography

Food Photography tips and Tricks for beginners.

For beginners, it might be difficult to click the picture of food. So don’t worry, I come up with all your solution, not only for beginners but for every food photographer. Many questions may come to mind, How to adjust the camera or maybe how to edit the taken food photo or How to adjust the Color Tone of the Pictures?

So you will get all your Answers over here.

If you are clicking the picture of food, the main difficulties come over here is light. So you should be aware of, the intensity of light. According to that only you can able to adjust your camera, so you have to learn how to adjust it.

1) Select your angle

If you’re clicking a picture of food try to click from the various directions, you have to look at which direction, which angle is best for your food try to move in all angles. In a few cameras you have to select your angle, again and again, so select any one of them. For Selecting an angle you should always remember that that picture should say some story so what story you have to highlight that.

For example, If you’re clicking a picture of a cake from the side view then, from there you are only able to see the height and the size of the cake it is not highlighting everything. Now if you are clicking a picture from the top, all things are highlighting property, like topping, size, height, background, props, etc. So always remember you need to highlight your story. And try to click pictures from the top.

2) Click photo under natural light

Light is king in your photography, poor light ruins your story. So make sure light wouldn’t distract. If there is natural light then don’t use an artificial light like a lamp, flash, etc. Because making use of this in natural light it won’t make you picture good. If your light is not good then immediately the audience will turn off. So try to use a lot of natural light.

If there is no natural light available then find the area where you will get very good light and which will make your story. So try to find out the best light source.

So, Putting a diffusor between the window and your table is earliest on the list. When it is active with straight sunlight, a sprinkler (or even a narrow white bed sheet) will hugely better the quality of light. Softening those firm, black dark shadows and shining highlights caused by direct sunlight.

Since there are white and black cards. You can make these yourself using foam core boards, and you can buy at any craft store.

Size them to meet as per your requirements, utilizing white cards to skip light into shadow zones, uncovering significant subtleties, or dark cards to make shadows more grounded for more difference.

Since the audience will always look at the brightest spot in your photo first, if it’s not your topic, it can mistreat your story. You can use your black cards to chunk light from thrash areas that will compete with your topic. This is also a very important technique for generating darker, low-key elegance images

3) Surround your Hero

When you’re clicking pictures from the front try to keep great foreground and background to play. And then use the empty space to tell more stories. You can surround your main dish with ingredients and props and that should be related to that food. You can put ingredients like oil, utensils to specify how the dish was made. Whereas herbs, tin, glasses specify the creation of the dish or the species in which it is used or served. Placing all these ingredients on your foreground and background will raise your story and give in-depth.

4) Lines and Layer

After using these props and ingredients, then how the audience will see to our subject ? for that we have to bring trusty techniques by composing lines and layers. Mostly photographers used props and ingredients to gain the audience’s attention to see their main subject. So you can use props and ingredients to create a line and layer effect for your picture.

So clicking pictures from the above, always get you a more graphic image. So over here You have a large chance to create more lines.

Like how the honey, berries strawberries create lines and framing our subject.

Crafting images with layers is frequently a champion. And this will create a layered effect, and this will gain the audience’s attention directly to the star.

5) color

It’s literally great to have props that are bright color, but if you’re not aware that colorful prop can easily outshine your food, and capture all the observation.

When you’re placing items into your food images, try to select neutral tones, something that makes the food really burst against it. Selecting a neutral backdrop like this black metal tray, wooden tray and baking paper, intensify the bright red strawberries and rhubarb inside these Crostatas, making them really steal the appear.

6) Minimize cluster

Always focus on what is important in your topic, and don’t zoom in on the image of you are zooming the image more viewers get confused about which food is this so try to avoid zoom in.

Troubles while clicking the photos?

1) Blurry image : your photo become Blurry due to camera shake. How to avoid that?
Hold your camera steadier, use a tripod to balance your camera , use fast shutter in your camera, fastshutter will help to move on that area where their is more light, Raise your ISO it will decrease the amount of light needed.

2) Editing : If you plate is looking blue, pink , yellow etc then you can edit your image by using a software white balance tool to fix it! Then colors come alive when white background is set.

3) Professional Photography : How professional photographer use to pop their image ?
Food photographer use lens to click a image from various angle then they use software to contrast ,Sharp and used to do few editing which is used to pop their image.

4) Camera for Food Photography : According to my recommendation nikon and canon is very good for food photography and it is user friendly and it’s more comfortable in
Your hand , so according to me go for that. If you’re not comfortable research on that than only go for this.

Since for food photography , needed variety of lens so according to me you should buy camera body and lens separately.

5) Lens for Food Photography : I prefer you to use compact fixed lens. Fixed means that the lenses do not zoom out or zoom in. You are really going to love this fixed lens because it’s smaller, cheaper and faster .
Whereas it provides you wide aperture, which gives you greater control over depth of field and more flexibility while you’re shooting.

Others Photography Equipment are:

1) Reflector and diffusor
2) Quality tripod is must
3) Photography software
4) Photography book
5) Table and Chart Paper
6) Laptop or Computer
7) Mobile
8) Food Obviously

Hopefully you Liked the Details I have provided to you about Food Photography, If you have any Questions related to Food Photography you can freely contact me HERE. Also, Read My Pervious Blogs to know & Learn Photography for free. Do Share the Blog to help a Friend become a Photographer.

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