DIY Photography

Take amazing photographs-without spending any money on expensive photo gear.

Do It Yourself (DIY) anything can be fun and interesting. DIY photography is no different. Using your own creativity can help to create something cheap and cheerful

Whether you decide to make your own flashlight, camera light, poster, or something else, you can have your creativity unlocked. The same goes for seeing to your own safety. Why don’t you take the stairs down and protect yourself while you get your dinner on? Have you ever needed to use an emergency hole cutter or saw? Using a lighter can save you so much time and effort when it comes to fixing a hole or removing debris. You can also do whatever you like to your camera. We are sure you’ll find all kinds of fun ways to use your camera. Easy DIY Light Bulbs Making the process easy is important. To make the process more fun, we are going to make fun light bulbs for your DIY projects. Choose your favorite DIY toy – a camera, flashlight, poster, even an air brush. We will add the connection mechanism to the bulb, along with our UV coating that will help prevent external humidity from hurting your bulbs. Our UV coated glass bulb insert will not crack and will look brilliant. Making the bulb is as easy as placing it in the container. Plastic container must be polypropylene, but can be any of the brands listed below. For our DIY candle jars, fill with water until you have about 1″ of water around the bulb’s neck. Now for the connecting rod. Cut your desired length of rod to an appropriate length. Then tape the rod onto the rod with some duct tape. Use a double sided tape to secure the rods together. Screw the screws into the bulb. Next, place the bulb into the container. Pull the bag along with the hose over the rods to hold everything in place. If possible, store the bulbs in a cool dry area. There are plenty of ways to make any DIY light bulb fun!

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