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Hey! Welcome to MyIndianPhoto.Com one of the most best Photography blogs on the web about photography. Founder Sandeep Sharma is a photography enthusiast who created the site to share tips & tricks for photographers who want to get the most out of their cameras.

“I previously owned and operated a DSLR camera review site – and over two years I had a lot of emails from readers asking for tips on how to use their cameras. I came to the conclusion that while there are many millions of cameras being bought each year around the world, a very large number of people could be using their cameras to achieve better results. I’d written a number of ‘tips’ articles over the past couple of years but my focus was mostly on Photography. As a result I wanted to start a site dedicated purely to ‘how to’ tips.”

And so MyIndianPhoto.Com (MIP) was born in 2020. Since then the site has grown to include a team around the world writing tips for a community of over 500k.

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